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Maplewood is excited to announce there is no rate increase for the 2023 season!

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After completing the membership application, payment information for cash, check, or PayPal can be found here:

Membership Rates 2023

Family Membership: (includes all members of your family residing in your home)
$455.00 + Tax
($485.71 including tax)

Couple Membership: (is for two people residing in the same household. One of these members must be at least 14 years of age.)
$345.00 + Tax
($368.29 including tax)

Single Membership: (Must be 14 years of age or older)
$230.00 + Tax
($245.53 including tax)

Senior Single Membership: (Must be 65 years of age or older*)
$110.00 + Tax
($117.43 including tax)

College Student Membership: (Must be an actively enrolled college student*)
$94.00 + Tax
($100.35 including tax)

Babysitter Membership: (Must be accompanied by a Family Membership. Also, ages 14 & under must be accompanied by an adult.) 
$86.00 + Tax
($91.81 including tax)

After submitting the application, you will receive a link with payment information. 

*All memberships require at least one member to be 14 years old or older.

*Senior Memberships will require age verification.

*College Student Memberships will require current College Photo ID for verification.

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