Board of Trustees

Current Board Members

Paul Sanker, President
Tricia Butts, Concessions/Vice President
Stephanie Schoenberg, Personnel

Chris Butts, Publicity/Website
Kristen Peeler, Personnel
Amanda Lee, Treasurer
Kelley Engle, Swim Team
Brian Humm, Maintenance
Brian Urban, Maintenance
Kurt Westover, Maintenance
April Miller, Secretary/Membership
Kelly Popovich, Secretary/Membership
Amanda Karpinecz, Socials
Nichole McCoy, Socials

Meet The Maplewood Pool Board of Trustees

Kristen Peeler
I like a little coffee with my french vanilla creamer, I have a love/hate relationship with golfing, and Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday! If you see my husband, please remind him I need a new set of clubs for Christmas! I have been married for 19 years and have 3 children 15, 13, and 8. My kids enjoy the swim team at Maplewood - Go Gators!

My current Board position is Personnel. I have a BA in Business & Administration/Retail Merchandising from KSU. I sub in the Stow school system currently, but before that I have always worked in retail with most of my experience being in buying, ecommerce, and inventory management. My last position was an Inventory Manager for the Jared Stores at Sterling Jewelers.

Paul Sanker
Paul is career Airline Pilot and the current Maplewood Pool Board President. In this roll he coordinates all aspects of the background functions that lead to a safe, clean, and fun pool season. Paul has worked for nearly a decade as an airline pilot volunteer, and mentor. During that time he has been Chairman as well as Vice Chairman on multiple committees including Critical Incident Response as well as Pilot Assistance where he coordinated and assisted five different committees.

At Maplewood Pool Paul has been a board member since the winter of 2016. He brought his experience as a former Pool Manager as well as Certified Pool Operator, Lifeguard, CPR, AED, and First Aid Instructor. Using this experience, Paul has spent his time on the Board on the Maintenance Committee placing care in updating Maplewood Pool as well as the current President of the Board of Trustees.
Kelly Popovich

Hello! My name is Kelly Popovich. This is my families 4th season as members of Maplewood pool. My husband and myself have 3 gorgeous, but loud, kids who are 10, 9, and 5. We love the sense of community that comes with being a member of the pool! If my kids are not in the pool playing games with their summer friends, then they can be found on the baseball field, basketball court, or in the dance studio. Our family is also very active at our church. My husband serves as the Assistant Pastor and I am the Treasurer. I am so excited to be a part of the board this year and serve as co-secretary and membership. Maplewood pool is so much more than just a place to swim. The lifeguards at the pool really care about the kids and develop such a fun relationship. 



Nichole McCoy
Hello! My name is Nichole McCoy. This is my first year serving on the board, and my second year as a member of Maplewood. I have two kids, ages 10 and 11. My husband and I have been married for over 12 years. We started going to Maplewood to swim on guest passes with friends, and it wasn’t long before we got our own membership the following summer. Our lazy summer days are filled with memories of racing down the slides, pool basketball games of kids vs parents, lifeguard races on swim breaks, and more ring pops purchased from the concession stand than I can count! I am so excited to be on the social committee this year and help so many more families like my own make a lifetime of memories.
Chris Butts

Hi Maplewood Family! My name is Chris Butts. I began serving on the Maplewood Board of Trustees in 2017 and prior to that I was already working on the website for Maplewood Pool. I have lived in Stow-Munroe Falls my entire life. I am a 1992 graduate of SMF High School. My wife Tricia and I have two teenage boys, Austin and Michael. We had been members of Leisure Time for many years prior to them closing in 2014. We became members at Maplewood Pool in Summer of 2015 and have been members since. I work as a Network Engineer at Direction Home in Green, OH.

My mission since joining has been to increase Maplewood's visibility to Stow and the surrounding communities. By creating a new website and making sure that our member families are aware of it and use it as a primary resource as well as an increased social media presence through Facebook and Instagram primarily, I believe we have accomplished this goal. I am always looking at affordable ways to move Maplewood forward with use of technology.

Amanda Karpinecz

Hello! My name is Amanda Karpinecz. I have been a member of Maplewood Pool for 4 seasons. This is my first year on the board. I am very excited to be on the social committee. I have 4 super busy kids (ages 12, 11, 8, and 6) who play hockey, softball, church youth groups, and the list continues. My husband James and I have been married for 15 years. My family loves to spend the summer poolside. Being at the pool almost daily made me want to do something to help keep the pool running smoothly. I manage one of our youth hockey teams. Through the season we have dinners, parties, and outings as a team. My family loves to host gatherings and I’ve been known to run a rockin’ taco bar party. I look forward to planning, organizing, and attending social events at Maplewood Pool!

Amanda Lee
As members of Maplewood since 2015, my family frequents the streets leading towards Maplewood with relish for the upcoming rejuvenation of tranquil water … or the shrieks of giddiness as they come streaking off one of the slides and into the pool. I think the shrieks out-weight the tranquil moments, but I still squeeze in ‘float time’ during the adult-only safety breaks.

My professional experience leads me to share business acumen as a member of the Maplewood Board. My undergraduate degree is in Architecture, but my passion is for business, so I headed back to school for my MBA in finance. In addition to my academic paperwork collection, I have run my own company since 2008 with a wide variety of business experience from mundane bookkeeping to complex contract negotiations. I am also a guest lecturer through Kent State University speaking to graduate students on the topic of running a business.

Brian Humm

This is my second year with the Board and looking forward to helping out. I lived at Maplewood during the summers growing up just down the road and worked as maintenance, lifeguard, and swim instructor for 4 years.  After moving back to Stow, I wanted to rejoin Maplewood for my family to enjoy. I have a great deal of experience in the operation and management of pools and look forward to working with the Board and members to keep the pool a great place to enjoy summer.



April Miller

Hello! My name is April Miller and I am currently the Membership chair. This is my 3rd year on the board of trustees. My husband, Jake, and I joined Maplewood when my 11 year old was just a baby because we loved the atmosphere that the pool offers, and we've enjoyed spending our summer days at Maplewood ever since! You'll now regularly find us hanging out there with all three of our kiddos. I've really enjoyed my experience so far volunteering at Maplewood. The pool has become such a traditional part of our summer, and I hope that by volunteering I can contribute to helping other families enjoy that same experience for many, many years to come.

Stephanie Schoenberg

I am currently starting my 9th year on the Maplewood Board. I have held various positions on the board including; Socials, Secretary and for my third year now Personnel. Working with our team of lifeguards has by far been my most challenging and rewarding position. I love to watch our guards grow and mature and become a part of our community. As a board member, I have seen a great deal of change at Maplewood. I too have grown as a result of having to learn about human resources, marketing, advertising, pool maintenance, management and laws. I have been committed to my position as a volunteer, out of love for our community pool. In the age of social and digital media, I find the calm of an outdoor pool to be much needed.



Tricia Butts

Hello, my name is Tricia Butts and I am the current Vice-President and co-chair Treasurer. I have served on the Maplewood Pool Board since 2016. Aside from my current role(s) I have also served as chair of Personnel and Treasurer. My husband, Chris, is also serving on the Board. We have two teenage boys, (Austin, 18 and Mikey, 16.) Mikey attends SMF High School and Austin just graduated and will be attending Kent State University this Fall. He is also the Lifeguard Manager at Maplewood. I love to volunteer and contribute to improving life experiences for people, especially kids. I have served on several PTA boards, including being PTA President at Lakeview. I also work full-time as Assistant to Director of Pharmacy at Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls.

Kurt Westover
My wife, Danielle and I joined Maplewood around 2016 because we needed some relaxation and cooling off with our kids. Any swim season, we have 2-3 of our 4 kids on the swim team so you'll find me around the pool on some weekdays and most weekends. As a youth I swam on multiple swim teams for 10+ years. With certifications in CPR and first aid since I was an early teenager and a proud Eagle Scout, I have a little bit of "volunteerism" issue, but that's a good thing! I've been on the Board since 2020, I am focused on maintenance curb appeal and improvements. Coming from a construction and do-it-yourself background, sprucing up Maplewood is my primary goal in helping update the pool.

Kelley Engle
Swim Team
This is my first year serving on the Maplewood Board and I am very excited to see what the summer holds. My family has many years of experience with summer swim team as well as high school swim team as my daughter and my son swam on various teams. I was also a swimmer as a child and loved the summer league as it was the perfect combination of fun with competition. I look forward to bringing my experience and skills to the Maplewood board and summer swim team. We are very familiar with Maplewood as my kids swam for many years in the summer swim league and my daughter was a lifeguard for Maplewood for a few years and I also have visited many times with friends. I am married for 25 years and counting and have two children, a 19 year old daughter who is at Ohio State and a 17 year old son who will be attending his senior year at Stow. I am a pharmacist and work as a contractor at Wolters-Kluwer. In my free time I love to travel, volunteer, and hang out with my family and friends.